Heterogeneous Self-Service Virtual Machine Management

The Kelverion VM Provisioning and Management Solution implements the System Center 2012 products to automate the process from Service Request, through Change Approval and then provisioning the Virtual Machine, complete with updating the Configuration Item record and adding management and patching. All automated via Orchestrator.

This Runbook Solution requires the following Kelverion Integration Packs:

- Integration Pack for SQL Server
- Integration Pack for Runbook Management
- Integration Pack for Data Manipulation
- Integration Pack for Text Manipulation
- Integration Pack for Network Messaging

Optionally Integration Packs for the target systems.


The solution comes with a ready built Service Manager Request Offering;




The solution is a fully adaptable offering which is easily extendable to use your own third party Service Catalogue or Change Request System such as BMC Remedy, ServiceNow, CA Service Desk Manager or HP Service Manager to initiate the process, or the Service Catalogue can be hosted in Service Manager but the Change Process can be driven via your existing Service Desk.

New Virtual Machines can be added to the Service Manager CMDB or created in your own CMDB such as BMC Atrium, ServiceNow or CA Service Desk Manager.

The solution is not restricted to Microsoft HyperV it will provision HyperV, VMware, Citrix Xen, Windows Azure or Amazon EC2 VMs or all five simultaneously, or alternatively the Self-Service migration of VMs between hypervisors.

This Orchestrator driven solution delivers a number of fully automated functions;

  • Service Manager Service Catalogue Request being received
  • Change Requested raised in Service Manager
  • Hyper-V VM deployed via VMM
  • XenServer, VMware, EC2 or Azure VM provisioned directly via an Orchestrator Integration Pack.
  • VM CI created in the SCSM CMDB




This solution can be easily extended to enable heterogeneous system support such as; 

  • Use your own third party Service Catalogue or Change Request System to initiate the process
  • Create VM CI in your own third party CMDB
  • Self-Service migration of VMware or Citrix XenServer Virtual Machines to Hyper-V
  • Physical server provisioning

Demonstration Video


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