Automation for ServiceNow

The Integration Pack for ServiceNow is compliant with Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Orchestrator or System Center 2016 Orchestrator.

ServiceNow provides two integration APIs a SOAP and a REST API.  We have two versions of the ServiceNow Integration Pack available; a SOAP and a REST API variant.

The SOAP Integration Pack variant supports ServiceNow versions Jakarta and Kingston.

The REST Integration Pack variant supports ServiceNow versions Jakarta and Kingston.

Both variants will continue to be supported and upgraded going forward as new versions of ServiceNow are released.


The Integration Pack variants are two standalone products and as such you use only one or other variant in your Runbooks, migration from SOAP to REST will require a rewrite of any existing Runbooks.

The choice of which variant to use is entirely up to customer choice but the following is a guide to help with selection:

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(Note: The demonstration video shows the ServiceNow SOAP Integration Pack) 

The IPs enable users to create, update, get and delete records in ServiceNow. They deliver a range of re-usable activities to automate IT Functions such as:

Service Desk  - create service records from a wide range of enterprise management tools or custom sources.
Monitor Service Records – monitor for new or changed service records to automate the diagnostic/remediation process.
Configuration Management – to initiate automated changes and transform and populate ServiceNow data into CMDBs or Asset Systems.


Microsoft System Center Orchestrator 2012 and 2016

Orchestrator is part of Microsoft System Center suite, which provides solutions to manage both Microsoft and non-Microsoft Infrastructure covering event management, configuration management, data protection, virtual machine management, service management and IT Process Automation.

Orchestrator enables dynamic datacenters and is a key component in the delivery of Cloud Computing capabilities.

ServiceNow Activities

Create Record – activity dynamically creates new ServiceNow records using standard or customized ServiceNow forms.
Get Record – activity returns records meeting specific filter conditions
Update Record – activity updates specific records
Delete Record – activity deletes specific records
Monitor Record - monitor for new or updated ServiceNow records
Upload Attachment – activity uploads attachment to ServiceNow record
Download Attachment - activity downloads attachment from ServiceNow record
Import Set - activity inserts a record into a ServiceNow import set table
Run Query - retrieves records from a ServiceNow table using a ServiceNow encoded query string
Run Scripted Web Service - runs a ServiceNow scripted web service (Only in SOAP IP)

Activities subscribe and publish data to the Orchestrator databus.

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