Kelverion Runbook Suite

Automation Made Intuititve

The Kelverion Runbook Suite provides a complete enhancement and revitalization to your cloud automation infrastructure. With a number of products that cover the full end to end solution, we work to improve your automation no matter what your requirements are. With all of this supported by the power of the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

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The Kelverion Runbook Studio enables users to create Automation Runbooks using a rich drag and drop graphical authoring approach. 

Once the Runbook design is complete the tool will automatically generate Azure Automation Graphical Runbooks for upload and execution from Azure Automation, whilst also providing an easy to use interface for those with PowerShell knowledge to increase their productivity and create easily supportable automations.

The Runbook Studio provides a workspace to manage all of your Assets across multiple Automation Accounts and even multiple Azure Subscriptions from within one view.

Key Benefits

Drag and Drop Runbook creation and modification via a rich Graphical Interface.
Work offline, from anywhere in the world.
Connect to multiple Azure AD Tenants, Subscriptions and Automation Accounts all from within one view.

Built from an ethos of ‘Simple and Flexible’ the Kelverion Automation Portal is an easy to implement self-service front end for your automation solutions. It offers a versatile interface without the lengthy list of pre-requisites required by most other self-service tools.

The portal has been designed to complement existing Automation platforms. Although initially designed with System Centre Orchestrator and Azure Automation in mind the Kelverion Automation portal can be used alongside any Automation platform to complement and enhance the effectiveness of your automation.


 Key Benefits

Rapid, light weight deployment.
Fast click and pick offering creation.
Rights based user access.
Simple integration into automation.
Live status updates from automation on the progress of a request.

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Our Smart Integration Modules complement your automation and enable you to integrate with third party systems such as Service Desks (ServiceNow, BMC Remedy etc.) and databases (SQL, Oracle). Removing the time and resources spent working through and developing manual links between your automation and the third party system.

Whereas our cloud automation solutions provide pre-built and ‘ready out of the box’ solutions that provide an immediate fix to the monotonous and manual tasks undertaken most frequently by IT and Service Desk personnel.


 Key Benefits

Integrate third party systems into your automation.
'Out of the box' ready built solutions.
Time and resource saving.
Can be scaled to suit business needs.

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