Kelverion Runbook Suite

Integrations and Solutions

Our Smart Integration Modules complement your automation and enable you to integrate with third party systems such as Service Desks and databases. Removing the time and resources spent working through and developing manual links between your automation and the third party system.

Integration Modules currently released by Kelverion are as follows:

- Integration Module for Atlassian Jira

- Integration Module for ServiceNow

- Integration Module for Microsoft SQL Server

- Integration Module for BMC Remedy

- Integration Module for BMC Atrium

- Integration Module for Oracle

- Integration Module for Web Automation

- Integration Module for Data Manipulation


Our cloud automation solutions provide pre-built and ‘ready out of the box’ solutions that provide an immediate fix to the monotonous and manual tasks undertaken most frequently by IT and Service Desk personnel.

The pre-built Automation Solutions available for download are:

- Operations Management Suite (OMS) to ServiceNow

- Operations Manager Routing & Remediation for Azure

- Virtual Machine provisioning and management

- Website User Experience Check Solution


 The Integration Modules currently in development are:

- Integration Module for EasyVista

- Integration Module for VMware/Vsphere

-Integration Module for TFS Dev Ops