IT Process Automation with System Center Orchestrator

With System Center (2012 & 2016) Orchestrator Microsoft have added cross vendor integration, orchestration and automation to the System Center suite.

Orchestrator enables System Center customers to:

  • Integrate existing Data Center Tools
    • Orchestrate tools from multiple vendors to drive and support the IT objectives
  • Free up to 30% of Operations Staff 
    •    Release skilled staff to deliver new services and projects for the business
  • Improve Service Delivery
    •    Eliminate human errors through automation of day to day tasks
  • Speed up delivery of IT Services
    •    Enable your customers to self-service their IT requirements by automating new service requests
    •    Reduce IT process cycle time from days to minutes
  • Deploy ITIL Processes 
    •    Automate processes to run in a standardised, repeatable and auditable manner

Orchestrator isthe follow up to Opalis Integration Server, which was acquired by Microsoft in December 2009 and integrated into its System Center portfolio.  With Orchestrator Microsoft adds IT Process Automation for System Center Suite users.

Kelverion are the foremost experts in Orchestrator and Opalis offering innovative solutions and integration packs to extend and enhance the standard Microsoft product offering.

Kelverion have a wealth of experience in implementing IT Process Automation solutions and have a comprehensive Services approach that can be applied to make your IT Process Automation implementation a success.